2010 – USIAlumni Faces: an interactive installation developed for the Almuni USI event. The event provided a unique opportunity to observe and understand learning techniques for gesture interfaces, as well as their role in supporting the emergence of social interaction in public spaces.

Elisa Rubegni works as Researcher and coordinator of the team (7 people)

[Video coming soon]

A few pictures that illustrates the usage of the Interactive artifact during the event:

Papers related to this study:

Rubegni, E., Memarovic, N., Langheinrich, M. (2011) CATS – Using Scenario Dramatization to Rapidly Design Public Displays for Stimulating Community Interaction, in proceedings of SIGDOC 2011 (Page 263-267) (blind review)

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2007/2011 – Wi-roni, design technology for public spaces: a urban furniture that aims at reducing the digital divide and to offer selected Web content to people who do not have the skills or the conceptual means to access the internet.

Elisa Rubegni works as Researcher.

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2003 – University of Siena museum and archive: a proactive environment for enhancing the consumption of interpretative material in an exhibition space.

Elisa Rubegni works as Researcher.

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Papers related to this study:

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A video edited when I was a student at the University of Siena forintroducing the University of Siena at the entrance of the Front Office of the University. The aim was to promote the University through its venues.
Promoting the University of Siena .
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Design for fountains: progettare modalità di interazione in luoghi pubblici

Elisa presents her research at UX Conference 2009, Lugano, CH

UX Conference 2009 – Design for fountains (di Elisa Rubegni) – 12 from Sketchin on Vimeo.

Paper related to this talk:

Rubegni, E., Caporali, M., Rizzo, A., (2009) Design for fountains, UXconference 2009 Innovating Experience, 2009 Lugano, Switzerland

We investigated the potential of in-depth scenarios not only for the description of design issues but also as a means of evaluation; envisioning concrete circumstances engages storytellers to consider all possibilities explicitly and implicitly contained in their descriptions.
Results of the concept generation can be summarised under the headings of:
+ creating a tangible atmosphere to bridge remote relations
+ reactive workspaces
+ facilitating collaboration through interactive tables

See here more details.