This research focuses on Informal Mobile Learning applied to cultural institutions’ guided tours. It investigates the use of mobile devices acting as mediators of knowledge between visitors and guides. The project purpose is to investigate whether the mediated use of mobile devices could foster visitors’ understanding of cultural content.

Elisa’s main contribution was to design an application and to conduct the study for investigating the issue of Mobile technology for enhancing informal learning on cultural sites. The case study was in Ascona at the Monte Verità. The findings of the study revealed a few interesting findings regarding how to support collaborative informal learning activities during the visit of a small cultural site.

We conducted observations during the tours and interviews both visitors and the guides, we applied a qualitative analysis of the data and we gathered interesting findings regarding: the increment of engagement in visiting the location, the improvement of the visitors understanding about the cultural location contents as well as the increment of the level of interaction of visitors.

For more details:

Sala, L., Vannini, S., Rubegni, E. (2011) Mobile Learning in Cultural Institutions through the use of an Apple iPad application prototype. A case study at Monte Verità. In proceedings of Red-conference – rethinking education in the knowledge society, Switzerland, Ascona, 7-11 March 2011