The MDC, Tangible for Museum project aims at investigating ways to support informal learning in museums by enhancing social interaction through the use of direct manipulation of content. The resulting augmented environment offers the visitor the opportunity for learning informally while enjoying the museum visit.
The project followed a design-research oriented perspective. Thus the research issues are investigated through the design of a real working prototyping based on a three-strands co-evolutionary process: Concept design, Activity design, and Technology design. Each strand occurs in parallel and informs each other in the process.  As results three prototypes were designed and developed. The three integrated solutions were developed using different technology: two Augmented Reality applications (one of them featuring 3-D model visualization) and a multi-touch table following the reacTIVision project. We developed the prototypes and made a proof of concepts in our lab with real users.

The research issues:
- Understanding the cognitive and social effects of using tangibles for supporting social learning in museum,
- Designing technological solutions for supporting the emergence of social interactions and discussions about the museum themes thus stimulate an informal learning process.

The project was awarded with a special mention at the Lucky Strike Talented Designer Award 2012.