I am a researcher and a practitioner. I have more than 10 years of experience in the design and the evaluation of user experience in online, mobile, embedded and distributed technologies contexts. I have designed and evaluated the ICT impact on people’s life in different contexts of use (public and semi-public spaces) and several domains (e.g. formal and informal education, art and cultural heritage, leisure and entertainment).

At the moment I am appointed as Lecturer, at the Lancaster University, UK.

My approach relies on designing information systems that improve people’s interactions and communication by offering an engaging and organic user experience.

During my career, I have been working on many projects as User experience researcher, UI designer, Interaction designer, and as instructor in the Human-Computer Interaction area. I can master a rich and variegate range of methods according to products’ and market’s specificity (e.g. surveys, interviews, contextual inquiries, benchmarking.). The approach defining my work merges informatics, design, communication, and cognitive ergonomics.

In particular, since 2001, I have been working in IT research and development in web design agencies, public administration, research groups, and higher education organizations. I have been working in late-breaking technology research and development (R&D) labs and industry. My extensive background in research and development labs provided me with a set of valuable skills that I have successfully transferred into the business environment.

I have been working in several international academic institutions in UK (Lancaster University, Univeristy of Lincoln), Italy (Università di Siena and Università di Firenze), Switzerland (University of Applied Science Western Switzerland and Università della Svizzera italiana), France (Université Paris8), Japan (Institute for Advanced Media, Arts and Sciences, IAMAS) and USA (University of California San Diego).

If you are interested to collaborate and work with me send me an email.